Networking with confidence

Networking with confidence

The advantages of cloud networking architecture

Networking: Building and maintaining a network to secure communication across a business is essential no matter whether it’s a FTSE 100 company, or a small enterprise. In this blog, we look at the advantages of having a network ranging from the opportunity to have peace of mind 24/7 through to flexibility and cost savings.

As business requirements become increasingly more complex, with the need to accommodate multiple sites and devices, while keeping connections to all devices secure, taking the network cloud-based is now the obvious solution.

What are the advantages of a cloud-based network?

A cloud-based networking infrastructure has many benefits:

Easy implementation

A cloud-based network allows a business to connect all of its locations and retain the same applications and business processes across the board without having to deal with the backend technicalities. Readily manageable via an internet-based platform, a cloud networking infrastructure can be accessed by enterprises and their service provider easily and quickly.


Regardless of their location, be it a satellite office, a retail outlet or at home, users need to be able to access company data anywhere, anytime. An internet cloud networking infrastructure maximises productivity and efficiency by ensuring your network and applications are always accessible. This allows for easy collaboration and sharing among users in multiple locations.


Overhead technology costs are kept at a minimum with a cloud network, and with a Network as a Service solution the hardware costs can be included as part of the service and licence plan.

Flexibility for growth

A cloud-based network is scalable so companies can add or subtract locations and resources based on their needs. As companies grow, their system can grow with them.

Network as a Service

For businesses that want to take the hassle out of managing and maintaining their network, a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution is the answer. With improved security and better performance built in, outsourcing to a third-party provider ensures your network and resources are managed by experts who monitor everything 24/7. Plus, network infrastructure updates are done as a matter of course.

Networking services from Xcomm

Whether you require a fully managed NaaS solution, need help with your business continuity requirements, or simply want network monitoring and fault notification services, Xcomm’s expert team design, build and maintain bespoke networks.

Created to address your specific business needs, geographical requirements and individual location conditions Xcomm’s networks use market leading technology from global providers such as Cisco and Cisco Meraki, all managed via a Cloud-first platform.

To find out how Xcomm can help with your networking requirements, contact our sales team now.

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