X.COMM provides superior consultancy advice and analysis to create a harmonised end-to-end IT and communications solution

Superior consultancy advice and analysis ensuring the implementation of clear IT and communications strategies and technology solutions

Today most businesses have to juggle multiple demands and competing priorities across the board but the IT department, in particular, struggles constantly. Not only is there the relentless demand for the latest technology, increased bandwidth, greater server capacity and more storage but also the need to secure remote access and the ability to thwart every data security threat. Couple that with legacy systems becoming obsolete, new platforms and increasingly complex technology convergence and its not surprising that they need consultancy support when it comes to identifying and implementing the best solutions.

Making the right choices

We understand that all businesses are different which is why we undertake a free, no obligation, review of your current business communications infrastructure as a pre-requisite to advising on the introduction of new systems and technologies that will benefit your business in the future.

We also spend time identifying your business objectives and what you hope to achieve through the deployment of new technologies. Objectives that might include for example:

  • Reducing costs
  • Alleviating and removing legacy technology issues
  • Enhancing customer service through an improved communications experience
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing revenue

Introducing new communications solutions can assist in achieving all of these goals but the wide array of disparate technologies, available in the market place today, can be confusing and creating a harmonised end-to-end solution without access to experienced technology experts is difficult to achieve.

Comprehensive written report

The opportunity to substantially improve your business through an enhanced IT and communications structure does exist but it will only be achieved and maximised if the correct choices are made. This is why we invest time in assessing your current communications set-up and understanding the future benefits you are seeking to achieve through the introduction of new technologies. At the end of this review process we provide a comprehensive written report setting out in detail how we believe your communications structure can be improved. At this point, we will be happy to meet with you and explain how Xcomm can turn these possibilities into reality.

Xcomm’s services

Xcomm offers a number of services to help businesses create a harmonised end-to-end IT and communications solution. Services include Business Continuity PlanningDesignImplementationManaged Services and Support.

Business continuity planning:

Xcomm provides robust business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions allowing businesses to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime


Xcomm’s engineers are experts at planning and designing multi-vendor network solutions. These bespoke solutions are designed to ensure best performance and are customised to solve specific and complex business requirements.


Xcomm’s team of skilled engineers are fully-equipped to implement solutions and carry out all requirements quickly and efficiently.

The extensively vendor trained and accredited engineering work force manage installations and provisions, along with repair, maintenance and configuration of network infrastructure and equipment.

Managed services:

Xcomm is a dedicated managed services provider taking on the responsibility for the day-to-day running of telecoms & IT systems.


All Xcomm brands have their own support teams in the X.Communications customer support department. The department specialises in everything from hosted telephony solutions, to leased lines and internet security solutions. So, whether you need impartial advice or a completely tailored managed service, Xcomm is here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

X.COMM provides superior consultancy advice and analysis to ensure businesses implement clear IT and communications strategies and technology solutions

Xcomm provides superior consultancy advice and analysis to create a harmonised end-to-end IT and communications solution

  • Review of current technology
  • Exploration of business objectives
  • Comprehensive written report on most suitable solution(s)

Consultancy support from Xcomm ensures the best solution is identified and implemented, giving a business an enhanced IT and communications structure that is totally fit for purpose.

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