X.COMM Mobile provides seamless communications across company mobiles and landlines

Seamless communication with Xcomm Mobile UC

Xcomm Mobile UC brings landline and office PBX features to mobile handsets and delivers all the integration benefits of a fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution.

It enables mobile phones to work as part of a business PBX system, with DDI numbers, short-dial extensions, call transfer, hunt groups, IVR, voicemail and all the other PBX features and benefits you would expect of a quality phone system.

Xcomm Mobile UC operates on any smart mobile phone, turning the mobile into a Pocket PBX via an app installed on the phone. Once installed the app runs in the background and enables the phone to run as an extension of your office VoIP phone system.

Xcomm Mobile UC phones work seamlessly with other mobile and desk phones hosted on the Xcomm Hosted Telephony platform.

X.COMM Mobile phones work seamlessly with other mobile and desk phones hosted on the X.COMM Hosted Telephony platform.
Save money and get superior mobile coverage complete with PBX functionality across your company mobiles with X.COMM mobile

Do more for less with Unified Communications and turn your mobile into a Pocket PBX.

  • Save money
  • PBX functionality
  • Call recording
  • Control your presence
  • Disaster recovery

Xcomm Mobile UC, when integrated with the Xcomm hosted telephony platform, offers full PBX functionality via mobile, enabling customers to call or receive calls from a landline number, alongside all the other advanced call handling features you’d expect.

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Save money

Mobile phones connected to the Xcomm Mobile UC solution work seamlessly with other desk phones hosted on the Xcomm Hosted Telephony platform. If employees supply their own mobile device(s) there are significant cost benefits. You can separate business and personal calls by requiring employees to make business calls via the app. It cuts the cost of buying the equipment and it eliminates the cost of replacing faulty or damaged devices, not to mention the headache of reassigning mobiles when staff leave or move.

Accounting overheads can also be reduced by having all of your communications, including your phone system and mobile phone call charges made via the app, on a single bill

Flexible and streamlined

In today’s market, with uncertainty everywhere, turning your mobiles into an extension of your phone system gives your organisation true flexibility should employees need to work from home or other locations. When a mobile call is placed the main office or a DDI number will be presented no matter where in the world the call was made from. And, if clients call you back you will receive the call on your mobile. Plus, if there is no cellular signal calls can be made and received using WiFi combined with the Xcomm Mobile UC app.

PBX functionality

When your mobile fleet is integrated with the Xcomm Hosted Telephony platform, you get all the benefits you would expect from a quality phone system. This includes DDI numbers, short-dial extensions, call transfer, hunt groups, IVR and voicemail. Plus a whole lot more, including mobile call recording which you can retrieve with the use of a simple web-based app.

Control your presence

Being able to receive and make calls using your main office and DDI numbers controls which numbers your customers see. It also avoids headaches should a staff member leave your employment with their mobile, and YOUR customers still having that mobile number.

And, if you’re a small company, the Xcomm Mobile UC service can give you that big company feel, as we can provide you with a local standard telephone number so that when people call that number all the calls go to an app on your mobile! Plus, when you return those calls via the app, your mobile sends that main number, not your mobile number.

Another benefit of using a local STD number is that it can increase business for companies that want to show a local presence. Conversely, we can provide a non-geographic 03333 number, giving your business that national look and feel.

Disaster Recovery

Most businesses today are totally reliant on their telecoms and internet connection to do business. The cost to business if the comms systems fail, or a building is put out of action for whatever reason, could be significant, both in terms of lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Xcomm can provide a robust disaster recovery solution. In the event of a disaster, the Xcomm Mobile UC solution, when integrated with the Xcomm Hosted Telephony platform, enables employees to continue to make and receive calls and emails and access the internet seamlessly. They can use their mobiles as if they were in the office on a desk-based handset with all the functionality of a PBX system.

Essential operations and functions can be seamlessly maintained so there are no idle staff and no lost custom or loss of reputation.

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