X.COMM.cloud provides business-grade communications services to a range of businesses, from small to medium sized companies, operating from a single site through to large corporates with multiple locations both in the UK and overseas.

Xcomm provides a range of business-grade products to ensure your business has enterprise-level networking, security and unified communications solutions, helping you maximise business performance.

These solutions allow you to connect satellite offices, mobile staff or trading partners securely and safely from anywhere in the world.

Internet Connectivity

Having a diversely routed, resilient business-grade internet solution is essential for today’s business requirements. Whatever the demands of your business there is a solution to suit, whether it be a dedicated, uncontended connection between your premises and the local exchange or a fast, reliable business-grade broadband connection.

From ADSL to FTTC, FTTP to 10Gbps leased circuits and RO2 diversely routed resilient solutions, LineBroker can source your requirements from all the major network providers.

Networking Solutions

At the heart of any business lies it’s network and keeping employees connected to network resources, applications and data 24/7 is essential.

Workloads are increasingly cloud-based and maintaining and securing these connections is critical. Users require secure and reliable access regardless of their location.

With a range of network options, from dedicated, uncontended leased lines up to 10Gbps to secure, encrypted remote access IPSec and SSL VPNs and cost effective multi site-to-site routing via MPLS, we have the solution. And, if you want to build a network that is versatile and efficient then a dedicated CWDM or DWDM connection is the answer.

Security Solutions

Xcomm has been delivering secure remote access solutions to companies across the business spectrum, from multi-nationals to SMEs since 1987. From IPSec VPNs, firewalling and data encryption to multi-factor authentication, email security and protection from, spam, spyware, trojans and viruses, Xcomm has the solution.

SSL ‘Clientless’ VPN

Providing employees with easy access to essential business applications when they are on the road is now critical for many businesses. The solution could be a ‘Clientless’ SSL VPN .

Deployment, management and administration are extremely simple and cost-effective, with interoperability between different vendors and applications, and there are no client software costs.

Xcomm provides market leading, seamless and secure remote access solutions from anywhere using any device incorporating secure appliances from vendors such as Cisco and Pulse Secure.

Global Wi-Fi Roaming

If your customers or employees need Wi-Fi wherever they are – on the ground or in the air – the iPass from Pareteum, brought to you by Xcomm is the solution.

iPass provides access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi footprint – covering more hotels, airports, business and leisure venues than any other network.

It gives users a unified experience providing seamless access at high demand locations and venues in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. It also includes a high-quality in-flight Wi-Fi experience across a footprint of almost 5,000 commercial aircraft.  

Unified Communications

Xcomm’s unified communications solutions include business-grade hosted telephony, with seamless integration of desk phones and mobile phones and multi-network UK SIM cards. Ideal for businesses with multiple locations, a mobile workforce or homeworkers, hosted telephony allows all calls, from all locations, whether they be fixed line or mobile, to be treated as internal calls, irrespective of global location. This then means that all calls between all locations are free of charge, and provides users with full extension-to-extension dialing, with the added benefit of call recording for all inbound and outbound mobile calls.

We also deliver hosted telephony call and contact centre solutions which includes cost-effective mobile call recording to meet regulatory and business requirements. And, because the communications infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment, a cloud-based hosted PBX ensures business continuity in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks route calls over the internet enabling businesses to lower hardware costs, reduce line & number rentals and lower call charges. They are a more flexible and lower cost alternative to IDSN for outbound and inbound calls, connecting a PBX to the PSTN. And, with BT planning to shut off its traditional phone lines in favour of internet-based systems by 2025, SIP Trunks provide the perfect solution. 


For businesses that provide critical services and need an always-on mobile service that has the best UK network coverage a multi-network SIM from Xcomm is the answer. It can connect to the best signal from all the available networks in the UK in any given place, so should there be a weather event or disaster that affects the infrastructure, no matter which operator (02, Vodafone, EE) is experiencing issues within their network, there is always the ability to switch which network you are connected to from your device.  Also, if there is a complete loss of signal, then the device will auto switch anyway. This ensures that customers remain connected, wherever they are. And, if call recording, even via a mobile, is a business requirement then Xcomm’s mobile unified communications solutions, integrated either in to the PBX/telephony estate or directly with Xcomm’s Hosted Telephony platforms, will deliver.

Xcomm Mobile also provides a robust disaster recovery solution as a matter of course. In the event of a disaster, the Xcomm Mobile SIM, when integrated with our hosted telephony platform, enables employees to continue to make and receive calls and emails and access the internet seamlessly due to the superior network coverage.

Virtual Servers & Cloud Storage

For many of today’s businesses having a secure, managed and scalable, enterprise-level IT infrastructure is essential. Xcomm’s state-of-the-art data centres and expert support take away the risk and ongoing headache of locating and managing complex IT systems in-house.

All our Business Hosting solutions, from a virtual server to a suite of colocated racks, benefit from our secure High Availability network. All are underpinned by Disaster Recovery architecture, installed and operating across multiple datacentres, ensuring you have peace of mind from unforeseen IT infrastructure failures.

Additional services include IP addressing, backup and data storage.

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