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RSA SecurID – proven two factor authentication and multi-factor authentication

RSA helps organisations build secure, trusted e-business processes through its authentication, Web access management and developer solutions. RSA was the original pioneer of public key cryptography.


RSA SecurID® Suite enables your business to keep up-to-speed while protecting valuable network resources, reducing identity risk and ensuring compliance. With today’s toughest security challenges being the delivery of secure access to a workforce that is modern and dynamic, across multifaceted environments, the RSA SecurID Suite makes secure access convenient and intuitive for all applications.

RSA SecurID Suite comprises of both the RSA SecurID Access solution and the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle solution which work together to address the many security challenges.

RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access enables users, be they employees, partners, suppliers, contractors or customers to have secure access, from any device and from anywhere, to the applications they need. This access needs to happen quickly, whether they be on-premise, cloud, SaaS or mobile applications, whilst ensuring that users are who they say they are.

New applications can be quickly onboarded using wizard-based connectors that have leading integration standards such as RADIUS, SAML and password vaulting. Or an existing integration can be re-used with the RSA Ready programme.

RSA SecurID Access offers a wide range of authentication methods. Options range from the well-known RSA hardware and software tokens, one time passcode (OTP) and biometric fingerprint and face to mobile-enabled push notification as well as SMS and FIDO tokens. Users can choose which authentication methods are most convenient for them. This not only ensures they always have access but also minimises emergency access requests and calls to the help desk.

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle helps ensure that users across the organisation have the proper level of access, delivering continuous access assurance. By providing visibility across the blended cloud and on-premises environment we have today, RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle enables businesses to take swiftly take action and address risky access situations with the highest business impact, reducing business risk and ensuring compliance.

Identity risk is managed by a governance-first approach with RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle ensuring that the organisation’s security posture is never compromised when it comes to user access. By automating access review and certification processes for greater operational efficiency, cost and time savings, and by flagging issues between formal review campaigns governance first is achieved. Plus, the responsibility and accountability for access certification are transferred to the people who understand access needs best—the business. This discourages “rubber stamping” of access approval.

Plus, to ensure users can only access the applications they need RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle enables a manager grant access based on user roles in a user-friendly way. It also manages entitlements (new starters, movers and leavers) across applications to ensure there is no over privilege and access stays current with users’ roles. In order to ensure users obtain appropriate access quickly the entire process of access request, approval and provisioning is automated using business-friendly language.

RSA SecurID highlights:

  • Authenticates users at network, system and application levels
  • Secures internal and remote network access
  • RSA tokens are available in hardware and software.
  • Compatible with leading remote access servers, Web servers, firewalls and VPNs
  • Easy-to-use, tamperproof technology

Whether your requirements are for hardware, software or on-demand authenticators, RSA SecurID Tokens are as simple to use as entering a password.

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