Block threats and protect your business against cyber crime with a firewall

Every business that has a network should have a firewall, regardless of the size of the company. And, because cyber criminals are evolving their strategies continuously and finding new, more sophisticated ways to penetrate business networks, when it comes to protecting your company’s most valuable asset, vigilance is key.

Next generation firewalls

In addition to the functionality of traditional firewalls, NGFWs also include integrated intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion protection systems (IPS) that detect attacks based on traffic behavioral analysis, threat signatures or anomalous activity. This functionality helps perform deeper inspection and improve packet-content filtering of network traffic up to the application layer.

NGWF devices have application awareness monitoring traffic from layer 2 through layer 7 and are intelligent enough to determine what exactly is being sent or received. If the content is within policy, it is sent further or if it breaches policy it’s blocked.

Application awareness also enables companies to set policies depending on the user and the application. For instance, allowing users to access Facebook, but blocking Facebook Chats.

NGFWs also enable the infrastructure to be more streamlined. They provide integrated antivirus, spam filtering, deep-packet inspection and application control, using only one device or console. No extra devices are required, thus reducing infrastructural complexities.

NGWF Partners

X.COMM works with a number of partners to provide a range of next generation firewall (NGFW) options. Partners include:

Cisco – Firepower NGFW services
Checkpoint – Quantum Security Gateway™ services
Juniper – SRX, vSRX and Juniper NGFW services
Palo Alto Networks – PA Series, VM Series, K2 Series

X.COMM’s security products


With a SSL VPN from X.COMM your work force can safely and securely access corporate resources from any location using any web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Clientless SSL VPN:

Clientless SSL VPN creates a remote-access, secure VPN tunnel to a secure appliance using a web browser without requiring a software or hardware client.


X.COMM’s IPSec VPN solutions enable you to safeguard all of your business processes, securing employee networks, encompassing an increasing number of endpoints and ensuring all cloud-based environments cannot be compromised .

Data encryption:

Encryption is one of the most common ways to protect sensitive data and X.COMM provides AES 256 data encryption and decryption software solutions to ensure that your data is secure and cannot be viewed by unauthorized users.

Multi-factor authentication:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) proactively reduces the risk of a data breach and X.COMM provides organisations with MFA solutions to protect their applications and data from unauthorised access.

Endpoint security:

Any device, such as a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, provides an entry point for cyberthreats. Endpoint security aims to secure every endpoint connecting to a network or in the cloud to block access attempts and other risky activity at these points of entry.

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X.COMM works with a range of partners to offer firewall solutions to block threats and protect your business against cyber crime.

Every business that has a network should have a firewall, regardless of the size of the company

  • Multi-functional new generation firewalls are able to perform deeper inspection and improve packet-content filtering of network traffic up to the application layer.
  • NGWF’s have intelligent application awareness eanbling businesses to set policies on what applications users can access
  • Infrastructural complexities are reduced as only one device is required

Advanced technology providing inspection capabilities and better control over individual applications in a network.

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