Swivel Secure

Unified communications enables businesses to streamline and gain control of their communications, creating a seamless interface for their customers and employees.

Swivel Secure represents the next generation of multi-factor authentication technology for B2B, as well as mass market, consumer applications.

Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® provides enterprises across the finance, government, healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors with true multi-factor authentication.  It delivers a smart solution to counteract unauthorised access to data and applications. AuthControl Sentry® has a wide range of authentication factors which gives the flexibility to support a range of architectural requirements, ensuring maximum take up. Whether using the Swivel app, or the latest in biometrics via the fingerprint reader, AuthControl Sentry® using the patented PINsafe® authentication, is a leading solution in cybersecurity.

On-premise and cloud-based options

With a choice of on-premise and virtual cloud-based appliances, in addition to a software only option, Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® offers network managers maximum deployment flexibility with minimal additional hardware or software costs.

It is platform independent and can run on all common operating systems such as Linux and Windows NT, and integrate with a wide range of standard database API’s.


Internal systems can be accessed via Swivel Secure’s Active Directory Agent. This locally installed software application removes the need for enterprises to share their Active Directory yet maintains user account synchronisation.


AuthControl Cloud gives enterprises a dedicated virtual machine. With no shared multi-tenanted options enterprises have the flexibility to configure the solution, giving total management and control to meet their exacting needs.

Key Features

  • Optional user interfaces to suit a range of applications and user preferences.
  • Server software available as a dedicated Network Appliance.
  • No client side software or special hardware requirements.
  • Easily integrated within existing authorisation architectures.
  • Extensive range of authentication factors including the Swivel app, biometrics, voice or a hardware token using the patented PINsafe® authentication.

Swivel PINsafe® unique protocol for tokenless authentication

At the heart of Swivel’s tokenless authentication solution lies a unique, patented protocol designed to ensure that the person requesting access to a secure system is who they claim to be, beyond any reasonable doubt. When passwords and PINs are keyed in and sent over networks, they are vulnerable to capture in a variety of ways including: keyboard spyware, screen capture monitoring or direct observation (also known as shoulder surfing). However, PINsafe® authentication combines the use of registered PINs with random 10 digit strings that are sent either by SMS, the Swivel app, email, telephone or web, either on demand or in advance.

How PINsafe® tokenless authentication works

When the user logs on, the server sends a randomly generated 10-digit security string to the client device.

The user is then prompted to input their 4 digit PIN using one of the Swivel PIN safe interfaces. The Swivel PIN acts as a positional reference on the security string and a new one-time-code is generated.

Delivery methods for the string, identifying the OTC and sending it back to the server can vary depending on the application, the available communication infrastructure and the security level required.

Wide range of authentication factors

To ensure each deployment provides maximum take up across the whole organisation, Swivel Secure provides an extensive range of authentication factors. Access is only granted to a user when they successfully present two factor authentication (2FA – two factor authentication) or more (MFA – multi-factor authentication) pieces of evidence (factors which confirm their identity via an authentication mechanism:

AuthControl Mobile®: OTC

When the user is requested to authenticate, they simply use the OTC displayed in the Swivel app. The OTC function has 99 codes which makes it versatile enough for offline use. The user will be granted access to their application once the code has been entered correctly.

AuthControl Mobile®: PUSH

Using the Swivel app the user can confirm authentication simply by pressing a button, with the notification sent directly to their mobile. Minimal configuration is required to deploy Swivel One Touch ® functionality.

AuthControl Mobile ®: OATH

The OATH soft token is similar to the traditional hardware token used to access applications though the VPN. It is time-based token counting from 0 to 60 and provides the user with a six digit authentication code.

Mobile: SMS

PINsafe® authentication protects the OTC (through SMS) from fraudulent interception. This means the SMS contains a security string of two alphanumerical sequences which provides the users OTC when combined with their PIN.

Image factor: PINpad®

In the user’s web browser a 10-digit code is presented in the form of a number grid. The user then simply selects the images that represent their PIN. Each clicked image then sends a different OTC code to AuthControl Sentry ®, authenticating the user.

Image factor: PICpad

For multi-national environments, PICpad is an authentication factor that solves the challenges of language diversification of both employees and customers. Working in the same way as PINpad®, PICpad displays symbols instead of numbers.

Image factor: TURing

In the user’s web, a 10-digit code is presented in the form of a rectangular image. The user then takes the numbers from it represented by their PIN. Example: If their PIN is 2480, then they simply take 2nd,4th, 8th, and 10th character from the presented image.

Biometrics: Fingerprint

Fingerprint recognition is available for AuthControl Credential® Provider. It uses the Windows 10 biometric framework and the NITGEN fingerprint access controller. Users can authenticate using their embedded fingerprint reader in their laptop or the NITGEN fingerprint controller.

AuthControl Voice

AuthControl Voice calls the user and vocalises either a one-time code (OTC) or a PUSH notification (YES or NO) to authenticate access to applications. The vocally delivered OTC is then typed into the window upon request.

Hardware token

A one-time code (OTC) is provided by the hardware token allowing users to securely access their application.  A new code is provided every time the button on the hardware token is pressed preventing unauthorised access.

Swivel Secure and X.COMM

Xcomm offers PINsafe® as a hosted service providing our customers with a best in class authentication solution without incurring any capital expenditure or creating extra demands on in house resource or installing onsite hardware. Request a demo.

The Swivel Secure Authentication suite provides a highly competitive option for a wide range of applications and greater flexibility than other authentication solutions, offering a high value ROl with minimal technical support requirements.