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Your IT infrastructure is essential to your business, so it’s vital that you have a robust, secure system in place.

Statistics show two thirds of SMEs that suffer a major data loss go out of business within 18 months. Following data loss productivity is the first thing to suffer, not to mention the damage to your reputation and the impact on customer loyalty.

And, if the data is lost due to negligence or theft it can lead to exposure of confidential information. If customer data or employee records are compromised, under the GDPR regulations, the Information Commissioner’s Office may impose fines of up to 20 million Euros (or equivalent in sterling) or 4% of a company’s total annual worldwide turnover in the preceding financial year, whichever is higher.

Affordable and scalable secure solutions

Xcomm understands that not all businesses have the complex, outsourced IT solutions that a corporate organisation might have. With this in mind, we have created a spectrum of options that are affordable and scalable to meet the needs of a business as it grows.

All our solutions, from a virtual server to a suite of colocated racks, benefit from our secure High Availability network and are all underpinned by business continuity and disaster recovery architecture, installed and operating across multiple datacentres, ensuring you have peace of mind from unforeseen IT infrastructure failures.

Affordable and scalable virtual servers and cloud storage solutions to meet the needs of a business as it grows.

Prevent devastating data loss with Xcomm’s robust, secure hosted solution.

  • Operate your business from the cloud
  • Guaranteed stability
  • Range of solutions – Encryption, High Availability & Access solutions
  • Self-Managed and Managed VPS solutions
  • Business Continuity built-in

Affordable and scalable virtual servers and cloud storage solutions to meet the needs of a business as it grows.

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Virtual Private Servers

From a virtual server to a dedicated machine, Xcomm can provide you with the power to operate your business from the cloud. With the ability to set the processing power, memory and disk space, you only pay for what you need. Xcomm can provide an array of different servers ranging from web servers to Microsoft Exchange servers. All servers come with guaranteed stability and are located in UK ISO-accredited datacentres.

Xcomm can provide a number of solutions to meet your needs including: encryption solutions to comply with regulations like GDPR; High Availability solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery; and access solutions from dedicated bandwidth to secure encrypted IPVPN access.

Xcomm offers both Self-Managed and Managed VPS solutions, providing a range of support features from 24/7 support ticketing, over the phone support via our support team during extended working hours, hardware maintenance and replacement when needed. We can install a range of different operating systems dependent on your needs and provide multiple bandwidth access methods from standard to highly-secure, including a free firewall and proactive monitoring of all servers.

Additional services include IP addressing, backup and data storage.

Virtual Servers and Cloud Storage Benefits

Lower costs

Virtual Private Servers are paid for based on the disk space used, number of vCPUs, and RAM usage per calendar month, as opposed to the outlay of an entire physical server unit, with its fixed capacity, plus the ongoing costs of power and maintenance.


For many businesses ensuring that data is backed-up daily without impacting on daily operations can be an issue. With cloud storage data backups are automated. You simply have to select what you want to backup and when and your cloud environment will take care of the rest.


We offer flexible storage plans to ensure you are able to keep all of your data safe and secure. You can scale your storage as your business grows or your requirements change.

Business continuity

Data stored in the cloud is always backed-up so should there be a disaster that affects your business premises you can rest assured that your teams will be able to continue to access all their files and data and keep productive.

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