Hanging on the telephone

Hanging on the telephone

Making sure home and remote workers have a phone system with the same functionality as they do in the office is must to ensure you don’t lose business. We look at the best phone solution for working from home.

One of the issues we hear about regularly when talking to companies is that they are losing business because their employees are not able to transfer calls when they are working from home or remotely. Now, no business wants to be losing money, especially not in these challenging times, not to mention the damaging effect this has on their brand and customer service reputation – but it doesn’t have to be this way.  With a hosted telephony solution the hosted PBX can talk to any IP telephone it has built into its systems, even if the handset is at an employee’s home or it’s a mobile. Hosted telephony is the best phone solution for working from home.

The business continuity advantages and customer service benefits of hosted PBX are significant for businesses. And, these advantages are greatly enhanced when the hosted telephony company also has a hosted mobile telephony solution built into the platform, which Xcomm does as a Unified Communications provider.

A true Unified Communications solution, allowing full integration of the user’s desk phones and mobiles plus full homeworking capability, is extremely important in today’s world as our way of working has had to adapt due to the pandemic.  The Xcomm service enables its customers to easily move between office and home working solutions with no major system changes required and in extremely short timescales.

Plus, they have all the functionality you would expect in an office on both their handsets and mobiles including transferring calls, call holding, call waiting, hunt groups and call recording.

Call centres

And, for customers with a call or contact centre, the Xcomm call centre solution enables call centre agents to work from home and still work as if they are in the office sitting at their desk. Whilst working from home they can still make and receive calls via the call queues. And, all call centre reporting will also continue to function as if the agents are in the office.

Business-grade handsets and softphones

For many business operations to continue to function when employees work from home they will need a handset that can deal with all the above mentioned functionality. So, when homeworking is required they need a business-grade handset or a softphone and headset. If a handset is required we supply, set-up and configure the market-leading Cisco 7821 with power supply and Ethernet cable remotely, so employees can continue to operate as they would in the office. Supply of handsets is on a pay monthly per handset basis.

(Please do note that legally each business phone’s address has to be configured on the 999 database. So, if employees move a handset from an office and then call the emergency services they will be deployed to the address the phone is configured to.)

Alternatively, we can supply softphones which operate on a yearly licence per user basis. We can arrange the purchase of the licences for you and remotely set-up the software on laptops.

Business-grade broadband

One thing to bear in mind when there are home and remote workers is that the quality of broadband services can vary depending on bandwidth, number of devices connected and types of use by other members of the household e.g. gaming, streaming. This means that call quality could be affected.

However, if required, a FTTC business circuit can be installed (if available in the area) remotely.  This will ensure that call quality is maintained and business can continue at the levels expected.  However, it’s important to remember this will be a business-grade broadband solution that will come at a higher price than a domestic service.

IT Support at home

When employees are working from home, not only do they need all the functionality they have in the office and a good broadband service, they also need to be sure they have all the IT support they need too! IT support can be carried out remotely, where possible, ensuring its business as usual with the minimum of delay.

We’re here to help! If you’d like to find out more about the best phone solution for working from home or discuss in more detail how we can help you with your remote working, disaster recovery or business continuity, please call us on 03333 447 092 or email sales@xcomm.co.uk and one of our team will be happy to help.

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