SIP Trunks and 5 ways they benefit business

5 ways SIP Trunks benefit businesses                                          

The telephony market globally is moving away from the traditional telephone network, i.e. analogue lines and ISDN channels, to new internet-based communications using SIP trunks. And, with BT actually shutting off its traditional phone lines in favour of internet-based systems in 2025 this is going to accelerate the move to SIP Trunks exponentially over the next four years. Below are 5 ways SIP Trunks benefit businesses.

What is a SIP trunk?

SIP (Session Initialisation Protocol) trunks are virtual phone lines supplied via the internet to hosted telephony IP handsets or an IP PBX. They offer greater flexibility and are a lower cost than connecting a PBX to the ISDN for outbound and inbound voice calls. SIP Trunks are also quicker to install and provision, offer flexibility and reliability and are safe and secure.

5 benefits of SIP Trunks

1. SIP Trunks lower operational expense

SIP trunks lower operational expense over traditional phone lines so you can save money on call costs and line rental. IP connections are cheaper than traditional ISDN lines in terms of call and rental costs.

You can make savings on calls to landlines, mobiles and international destinations.

Also there is no overlapping of networks eliminating the costs associated with them. And, with one IP based network having the capacity for multiple digital streaming capabilities they enhance productivity.

2. SIP Trunks can be scaled to fit requirements

SIP trunks are ideal if you are moving, upsizing or downsizing. Existing numbers can be ported in plus you can add and remove lines as required. Scale up over peak periods and scale down when it’s quiet. And, it’s easy to keep your existing telephone number structure if you’re moving premises, wherever you relocate to, whether it be to the other side of the world or just next door.

3. SIP Trunks are safe and secure

Implemented correctly, and with adequate network security, SIP Trunks are safe and secure to use.  The SIP Trunk platform comes with fraud mitigation features that can help reduce fraud on customers SIP Trunks. This feature can be set up and managed by our reseller partners.

4. SIP Trunks have business continuity built-in

SIP Trunks are inherently business continuity/disaster recovery ready so calls can be diverted or delivered to alternative premises or systems quickly and easily in the event of the unexpected happening. So, it’s business as usual, with no impact on business operations or that all-important bottom line.

5. SIP Trunks are the perfect Unified Communications solution

If you’re planning a fully-integrated communications approach for your business in the future then SIP Trunks form a solid foundation from the outset. There is no disruption to productivity or decrease in productivity with SIP Trunks when more devices are incorporated as employees are already used to working with VoIP and all the features available.

And with X.COMM’s SIP Trunking Services platform, SIP Trunks offer call recording for both mobile and office numbers and innovative toll fraud mitigation is also incorporated. The platform is compatible with all hosted PBX and IP PBX and solutions, including, 3CX, and it can all be managed via the SIP Trunking Services portal.

Self-service portal

New SIP Trunks and other services can simply be added by our customers and dealer partners by accessing the Xcomm self-service portal.

All registered users can add and remove SIP trunks and telephone numbers plus make changes to configuration. Billing is automated back to the customer or dealer. White labelled billing is also available upon request.

Find out more about SIP Trunks or call 03333 447 092.

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