Benefits of working with a Crown Commercial Services supplier

Benefits of working with a Crown Commercial Services supplier

For businesses in the public sector who are subject to intense scrutiny, choosing a trusted business network and communications supplier can feel like you are negotiating a minefield. Should you go for the best price, the best level of service or the best solution? And this is where the benefits of using a Crown Commercial Services supplier comes in. In this blog, we look at these benefits and how they take the hassle out of procurement.

CCS agreements provide public sector bodies with a choice of suppliers who offer the best value, leveraging the scale of public sector demand to secure competitive prices. By using these agreements, public sector customers can achieve commercial benefits such as reduced costs compared to market prices and better value in contract terms and conditions.

In fact, according to the recently published CCS annual report and accounts for 2022/23 £3.8 billion of commercial benefits were achieved across the public sector, an increase of £800 million compared to the previous year. This includes £11.4 million in savings for 26 customers on 4 mobile and data aggregations services, such as voice calls, connectivity and applications.

A framework not only helps achieve value for money it also provides assurances on timely delivery and excellent quality for public services. All public sector bodies can use the framework to quickly identify approved suppliers, including the NHS, central and local government, universities and charities.

Framework RM6116 – Network Services 3

Xcomm has recently been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Network Services 3 (RM6116) Framework Lot4a for connecting analogue telephony equipment with the public switched telephone network including voice connectivity, voice call packages, SIP (Session initiation protocol) trunks, DDI (Direct dialling in) number ranges, equipment maintenance and support for legacy estates. The Framework also allows for Xcomm to assist in the transformation to IP telephony, equipment adaptation and new IP based Solutions. See details of the framework here

Benefits of using a supplier through the CCS Network Services 3 (RM6116) Framework:

Access to specialists

Gain access to an extensive network of exceptional suppliers with specialist skills and in-depth industry knowledge.

Bespoke solutions

The listed suppliers are solution providers, service integrators and managed service providers who can remove the complexity of design from the end user and design, build and deliver solutions that provide cost and network optimisation.

Cost savings

Public sector customers can achieve commercial benefits such as reduced costs compared to market prices and better value in contract terms and conditions.


There is more than one way to buy from the agreement. Direct award is available on all lots and is suitable for straightforward, commoditised requirements. Supplier offers are shown in the government marketplace. Further competition can be used when you require services or products from multiple lots. Further competition should be used when you need suppliers to develop proposals or solutions to meet your statement of requirements. Further competition can help to amend or refine a wider range of the template call-off terms and conditions and can give you more flexibility when defining your statement of requirements.

Buying power

The framework also offers the opportunity to buy through Aggregation. This service brings together customers with similar requirements and leverages the volume to create greater commercial benefits for customers. The procurement process is managed by CCS from start to finish.

One-stop shop

The framework is a one-stop shop for all network and communications requirements for the public sector. It should help public sector buyers to simplify their procurement and therefore save time and money.


The X.COMM team are experts in the network services field. They have a whole range of solutions to meet the needs of all public sector businesses. For more information email