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VASCO Data Security ’s two-factor strong authentication solutions provide secure remote access to sensitive information and internal applications without compromising user convenience. Highly flexible, VASCO's range of authentication solutions can accommodate organizations of various sizes, user populations, IT infrastructures, and budgets. Renowned for their hardware token battery life of at least 6-7 years when compared to that of their major competitors, they continue to be the standard in the banking sector for hardware token authentication.

Indeed, if you are an internet banking customer of HSBC or Lloyds TSB, you may already be using a VASCO Digipass hardware token.

For web application owners who need to facilitate password management, Vasco has gone one step further with the introduction of MyDIGIPASS.com, this offers not just password management but adds strong authentication using DIGIPASS one-time passwords.

Digipass - the Vasco hardware Token Choice


Vasco Digipass Go-6 Hardware Token

Digipass Go-6 is a light weight, low cost strong user authentication token in a water resistant case (for those unfortunate incidents with the washing machine). It used extensively within the banking market. With a simple touch of a button, you generate a unique one-time password. The VASCO Digipass time synchronous tokens have a minimum battery life of 6 to 7 years before replacement and they cost a fraction of those of their major competitiors. Call X.COMM on 03333 447 090 for a FREE no obligation 14 day evaluation.

vasco Identikey - the Authentication Engine

VASCO Identikey Server is the token authentication engine. It fits seamlessly into any RADIUS environment without creating new management headaches. Now it is possible to use two factor authentication to secure all network logons - both local and remote. It supports a user load from ten to tens of thousands, with server failover and database replication available.

With a web-based admin GUI allowing for remote administration - ideal in emergency situations, coupled with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Plug-in, you can assign and manage the Digipass tokens you've distributed to authorised users.

Extensive reporting functionality together with the security audit function can provide critical input for helpdesk, compliance and accounting purposes.

Identikey offers the choice of full Active Directory integration or a free standing system using any ODBC compliant database with the option of LDAP synchronisation and also includes automatic replication to back up servers. In addition to RADIUS support for any IPSec or SSL VPN, Identikey also directly integrates with Outlook Web Access (OWA), Citrix Web Interface (Nfuse) and Intranets using IIS Basic Authentication.

Authentication and transaction validation functions can be integrated into existing web-based applications using a built-in SOAP API.  One DIGIPASS device can be used for several applications.

VASCO Identikey Server comes with a flexible licensing system, allowing easy expansion for additional users and applications. This makes it an ideal solution to accommodate your company's growing needs at your own convenience. Explore VASCO Identikey in more depth.

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MyDIGIPASS.com offers the ultimate convenience for website owners and allows the end-user (customer) to manage their password account and user credentials in ONE PLACE providing an additional level of security to the access logon procedure. Furthermore, the headache of holding stock and distributing token devices is removed with the added bonus of reducing password managment costs. Integration of MyDIGIPASS.COM into your website application is straightforward with a step by step guide through the process. The integration tool contains a "sandboxed environment" for full blown testing.

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