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Swivel Secure Authentication Systems

Swivel Secure Authentication Platform

Swivel Secure have added OATH support for keyfob tokens, with the release of Swivel Authentication Version 3.9.6 (October 2013). This offers organisations greater choice under circumstances when the use of mobile devices and other conventional communications technologies prohibits tokenless authentication or for businesses who wish to retain their existing token deployment whilst lowering their authentication costs..

According to Gartner, Swivel Secure now offer the broadest range of user deployment options for strong authentication in the market place. Swivel Secure represents the next generation of authentication technology for B2B as well as mass market, consumer applications.

Swivel Core

With a choice of physical and virtual appliances in addition to a software only option, the Swivel Core offers network managers maximum deployment flexibility with minimal additional hardware or software costs.

Swivel Core is platform independent and can run on all common operating systems such as Linux and Windows NT, and integrate with a wide range of standard database API's.

However, if you prefer an appliance then the Swivel physical appliance is a standard Dell server and can be installed either as a single appliance or in a range of High-Availability (HA) pair configurations including, Active-Active and a Disaster-Recovery option for maximum resilience.

Key Features

  • Optional user interfaces to suit a range of applications and user preferences.
  • Server software available as a dedicated Network Appliance.
  • No client side software or special hardware requirements.
  • Easily integrated within existing authorization architectures.
  • Two-factor, two-channel technology setting new standards in strong authentication.
  • OATH support - your choice of tokens

Swivel PINSafe Unique Protocol for tokenless authentication

At the heart of Swivel's tokenless authentication solution lies a unique, patented protocol designed to ensure that the person requesting access to a secure system is who they claim to be, beyond any reasonable doubt. When passwords and PINs are keyed in and sent over networks, they are vulnerable to capture in a variety of ways including: keyboard spyware, screen capture monitoring or direct observation (also known as shoulder surfing). However, PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random 10 digit strings that are sent to you either by SMS, Mobile app, email, telephone, or web, either on demand or in advance.

How Pinsafe tokenless authentication Works

When the user logs on, the server sends a randomly generated 10-digit security string to the client device.

When the user logs on, the server sends a randomly generated 10-digit security string to the client device

The user is then prompted to input their 4 digit PIN using one of the Swivel PIN safe interfaces. The Swivel PIN acts as a positional reference on the security string and a new one-time-code is generated.

The methods for delivering the string, extracting the OTC and returning it to the server can vary depending on the application, the available communication infrastructure and the level of security required.

SAS PINsafe�

is a Web based system which uses the Internet as the means of transmitting the security string and returning the OTC to the server. This is a highly secure solution, which sets a new standard in authentication compared with username & password systems as well as most established technologies. Offering a number of different user interfaces designed to defeat trojan spyware, SAS PINsafe� can be configured to suit user preferences and the specific application.


Mobile, two-factor - leverages the functionality of the cellular mobile networks combined with the Internet to create a truly Strong authentication solution that is highly scaleable and has a low overhead compared with token based and other two factor technologies.

Swivel SaaS

X.COMM offers PINsafe® as a hosted service providing our customers with a best in class authentication solution without incurring any capital expenditure or creating extra demands on in house resource or installing onsite hardware. Request a demo.

The Swivel Secure Authentication suite provides a highly competitive option for a wide range of applications and greater flexibility than other authentication solutions, offering a high value Rol with minimal technical support requirements.

Swivel Secure takes Gold in the 9th Annual 2013 Security Industry's Global Excellence Award

Swivel Secure took the gold in the 9the annual 2013 Security Industry's global excellance award. This was given for Swivel Secure's Innovation in Cloud Security for their authentication platform. Swivel also added the Bronze in the category Authentication Solution (Multi, Single or Two-Factor). More than 50 judges from all corners of the globe came together and their average scores determined the 2013 Global Excellence awards. “This is fantastic news, the Info Security Products Guide’s recognition of Swivel further validates our product and Swivel Secure as a pioneer in tokenless authentication” say Chris Russell, VP Technology “This is a major endorsement to the fact that Swivel is still ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest security within the tokenless authentication market space.”

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