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Strong Two Factor or Multi-Factor User Authentication

The need to protect data has been with us from the earliest days of computing. The simplest security method depended on a password. Unfortunately, this method is open to abuse. People have bad memories so how often have we found the post-it note on the screen advertising the 'secret' password. Hence the need for Strong Authentication. This is based on something you know ie a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and something you have, which could be a physical token or software installed on the remote PC.

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SecurID, the two-factor authentication product from EMC Corp.'s RSA security division, has been at the forefront of authentication technology for the past 10 years.

Swivel Secure

PINSafe from Swivel Secure is a multi-factor authentication platform. The patented one-time-code extraction technology, is recognised as the de facto standard in tokenless authentication technology. OATH hardware token support has just been added to the Core platform giving the customer total authentication flexibility.


VASCO DIGIPASS delivers two factor authentication security to a customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in over 100 countries, including more than 1,700 international financial institutions. As a banking end user you may already be using their hardware tokens already.



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