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There are many Intel Shiva production systems still operational even in 2014, often providing mission critical services as there are remote locations for whom PSTN is STILL the only viable connectivity option. X.COMM was a long term Shiva partner and is committed to supporting the LanRover product family for the foreseeable future. Call us now on 03333 447 090 for advice and guidance. We are based in the UK and can provide services throughout Europe.

Supported products include:

Shiva Lanrover family for dial up Remote access Info Request

  • Shiva LanRover/E and LanRover/T with 4 or 8 serial ports
  • Shiva LanRover/E Plus and LanRover/T plus 8 slot chassis with choice of V90 modem, ISDN BR and serial cards
  • Shiva LanRover/D56 with 8 BRI and 12 digital modems or single/dual PRI cards and multiples of 12 or 30-way modem cards
  • Shiva LanRover/E Access Switch (MK1 and DPS) and LanRover/T Access Switch (MK1 and DPS) with single or dual PRI cards and multiples of 12 or 30-way modem cards

Shiva Routers (hardware support only) info request

  • Shiva Integrator 500 (Mezza), Shiva Integrator 200 (Atto Plus) and Shiva Integrator 150 (Atto)
  • Shiva AccessPort and AccessPort/D

Spares and upgrades

Whether you want a fully loaded LRAS/E DPS as a standby or a modem card for LanRover/E Plus, we can supply it. Most of the parts supplied are now second user but they will have been thoroughly tested in our lab and supplied with a 30 day warranty.

telephone and email help desk

We can supply and 8x5 English language help desk covering the complete LanRover family. Our experienced engineers have access to in-house equipment where we can re-create your problem and provide workarounds. The one thing we cannot do is fix software bugs as Intel have never released the source code of the ShivOS operating system.

SHIVA Firmware

We can still supply the latest firmware appropriate to your platform. This will not necessarily the final release as some releases were better than others.

Managed Services

X.COMM can provide a complete managed service covering the LanRover family and Shiva Access Manager. There is no need for you to keep staff trained on the equipment as X.COMM will take complete responsibility for the system. You simply request changes or report problems and we do the rest. We will of course require dial access to your system.

Getting started

Why not contact X.COMM today for a quotation on your system or call 03333 447 090 for advice?

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