iPass Global Roaming


The iPass Remote Access solution gives your staff access 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, for the cost of a local phone call plus a small connection charge. Users connect to the nearest Access Point using the iPass dialler (which contains information on all of the Access Points indexed by country, state and city) and are authenticated on a RoamServer. Once users have been authenticated they gain normal access to the Internet and can fire up their VPN client and create a secure tunnel back to your network. All of these steps are encrypted in 128-bit SSL to ensure there is no risk of your logon information being compromised.

iPass integrates more than 300 provider networks into a single service covering over 90,000 access points today. iPass has added 2,616 hotspots since December 31, 2012
iPass provides:

  • 1,244,031 Wi-Fi hotspots in 123 countries and territories
    this includes 90% of the top 100 Airports

  • 2,701 Ethernet Access points in 82 countries and territories

  • Dial-up access in 145 countries and territories

The latest iPass clients are based on the iPass Open Mobile Platform. Clients are available for Windows, Android or IOS platforms

The major benefits of the iPass solution include:

  • "Access Anywhere": iPass provides 'local call' access to the Internet from more than 14,000 access points throughout 150 countries.
  • Reliable, Redundant Connectivity: iPass delivers high-performance connectivity by using the best-of-the-best networks.
  • Cost Savings: significant cost savings compared to traditional methods of using international calls and 0800 numbers.
  • Improved Quality: iPass provides a very high quality of service by providing multiple access points in major business centres. This ensures that users don't get an engaged signal when they're trying to connect to your network. iPass also has redundant network access providers in every major business centre, thus ensuring network outages do not prohibit your users from gaining access.
  • Simple, Consistent User Interface Worldwide: the point-and-click interface of the iPass connection software, with its international phonebook, ensures easy, convenient connectivity worldwide.
  • Reduced Complexity: iPass is a simple client-server solution that doesn't require dedicated staff to manage and maintain. It's simple to install. It works on almost any NT or Unix server and is based on industry standards, so you don't have to worry about your infrastructure becoming obsolete.
  • Comprehensive Security and Secure Authentication: iPass uses 128-bit key secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to secure user names and passwords during user authentication.
  • On-site Control: iPass is deployed on site and works with your existing authentication database to give you complete administrative control of authorised users and permissions.
  • VPN Interoperability: iPass is interoperable with all Virtual Private Networks, firewall, token card and security solutions, enabling you to choose the security products that best meet your company needs.

There are two services available: iPass Corporate Access and iPass Managed Access. iPass Corporate Access is ideal for organisations with 70 or more roaming users whilst iPass Managed Access is suitable for fewer users.

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