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Pulse Secure is pleased to announce the formation of Pulse Secure LLC, formerly the Juniper Networks Pulse business unit, as a standalone company and is working closely with Juniper to make this transition as smooth as possible for customers and partners. Juniper will continue selling and supporting Pulse product until end 2014.

The Pulse Secure MAG series Gateways provide enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote, mobile employees, customers and partners.  These appliances enable enterprises to define differentiated access control policies for subgroups of users.  They have passed stringent security audits by TruSecure Corporation and Cryptography Research, validating their position as a powerful solution for enterprises to combat unauthorised access to their networks. 

Pulse Secure MAG series are an integrated, multiservice endpoint solution for mobile and non-mobile devices that serves as an enabling platform for security, connectivity, access control, collaboration and acceleration services. These appliances enable secure SSL access from a broad range of mobile and non-mobile devices, including laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi or 3G-enabled devices. These appliances are the direct replacements for the Juniper Networks Secure Access Series SA2500, SA4500, SA6500 which are now end of production - Secure Access Series support plans available until 2018.

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Juniper MAG6610 SSL VPN appliance

MAG6610 - MAG6611 enable scalable SSL VPN, network access control and application acceleration capabilities for large enterprise customers. The MAG6610 supports service modules which can be mixed and matched in its two available service module slots to deliver SSL VPN, NAC (UAC) and/or application acceleration functionality. The MAG6610 requires at least one service module to be ordered and installed (MAG-SM160 or MAG-SM360 for SSL VPN and/or NAC (UAC) functionality; MAG-SM161 or MAG-SM361 for application acceleration functionality).
The MAG6610 gateway supports up to 20,000 concurrent SSL VPN users in a clustered configuration, 30,000 concurrent NAC (UAC) users or 2,000 concurrent application acceleration users through its two available service module slots in a 1U high form factor. The service module hard disk drives for MAG6610 are available as field replaceable units to increase network up-time. The MAG6610 includes a 560W AC power supply.

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Juniper Networks MAG4610 SSL VPN appliance

MAG4610 - MAG4611 make SSL VPN or network access control capabilities available for medium to large sized enterprise customers.
The MAG4610 supports either SSL VPN or NAC functionality in a fixed hardware configuration design. The MAG4610 is a 1U high, one-half width chassis which may be deployed side-by-side in a 1U space.  The MAG4610 is scalable from 50 to 1000 concurrent users.

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Juniper Networks MAG2600 SSL VPN

MAG2600 delivers SSL VPN and guest access capabilities to small and medium enterprise customers. With its quiet operation and tabletop form factor, the MAG2600 gateway provides ultimate flexibility in deployment.
The MAG2600 gateway comes with a single application engine in a fixed hardware configuration. These SSL VPN gateways are designed to fulfil the niche of small to medium scale SSL VPN deployments and scales from 10 to 100 concurrent users. The MAG2600 gateway's small form factor design measures a sleek four inches by seven inches in size (4" x 7"), and is one unit (1U) in height; it can be rack mounted or even placed on a desk.

The Pulse Secure MAG series replaced the Juniper Networks SA2500, SA4500 and SA6500 series from 1st January 2014.

Secure Virtual Workspace SVW

This guarantees the integrity of session data on a client machine by creating a protected workspace on the client desktop and ensuring that all interactions take place within a completely protected environment. It can be used in its own right or for Host Checker remediation so that users who fail a client side integrity check can still gain access to the central resources without risk of compromise

X.COMM DriveMap

This X.COMM developed extension will automatically map network drives, including user home drives, and launch Windows Explorer.  Double clicking on a file will launch the associated client side application.  Importantly, when the file is saved, it goes back to the original mapped network location (unlike Core Clientless Access and competing SSL VPN products using a Webified File Manager).  This option supports all Windows Explorer features including Drag & Drop and includes an initial customisation service.

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