iPass Managed Access

iPass Managed Access is suitable for those organisations with less than 70 remote users and that wish to outsource completely the configuration and management of the iPass solution.

The iPass Managed Access service gives your staff access to more than 300 provider networks into a single service covering over 90,000 access points today, 24 hours a day, for the cost of a local phone call plus a small connection charge. Users will connect to the nearest Access Point using the iPass dialler and be authenticated on a RoamServer at X.COMM. Once connected to the Internet users can fire up their VPN client and create a secure tunnel back to their network. Neither X.COMM nor iPass have any way of monitoring the user sessions once connected. The only information retained by iPass is that required for itemised billing.

The iPass authentication process starts with the iPass dialler. This contains information on all of the Access Points indexed by country, state and city. It shows modem, ISDN and wireless broadband Access Points along with the connection cost. Once connected to the POP the user ID and password will be sent for the domain. The Access Point will then forward the logon request to one of four iPass transaction centres. The transaction centre recognises the X.COMM dialler and forwards the request to the RoamServer at X.COMM, which checks the user details in an Intel NetStructure Access Manager RADIUS server. The resulting accept/deny message is sent back to the iPass transaction centre and then onwards to the originating Access Point. All of these steps are encrypted in 128 bit SSL to ensure there is no risk of your logon information being compromised.

As well as offering a managed iPass authentication service, X.COMM will maintain and manage user lists and client software and will provide end-user support.

X.COMM specialises in providing remote access solutions for businesses. We will be pleased to assist you in formulating an overall strategy for your corporate remote access requirements and to make recommendations about, and supply you with, the relevant enabling technologies such as Virtual Private Network solutions.

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