iPass Corporate Access

iPass Corporate Access typically fits larger organisations with 70+ roaming overseas users and with their own in-house facilities for user management and security solutions.

iPass Corporate Access provides customised remote access services for organisations, including on-site RoamServers, customised iPass diallers, one-click VPN integration and help-desk support. Dialler customisation includes company logo, default privileges and corporate RAS numbers. Also available are daily call detail records and reporting on usage. These records can be by individual, department or group within the company.

With the iPass Corporate Access services, organisations with travelling users can avoid the complexity of providing and maintaining their own modem banks, RAS servers, roaming dial-up agreements and settlement costs. Long-distance charges for employees accessing applications outside the range of their local dial-up numbers are virtually eliminated.

Connections can be made from homes, offices, airports, hotels and conference centres via dial-up, ISDN, wired and wireless broadband "hotspots".

iPass aggregates the world's premier Internet access providers to provide a seamless and redundant platform. iPass integrates more than 300 provider networks into a single service covering over 90,000 access points today. This service redundancy protects roaming users from service outages and allows them to conveniently connect anywhere, anytime.

X.COMM specialises in providing remote access solutions for businesses. We will be pleased to assist you in formulating an overall strategy for your corporate remote access requirements and to make recommendations about, and supply you with, the relevant enabling technologies such as Virtual Private Network solutions.

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