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Juniper Networks and NCP Secure Client - Juniper Edition

The Juniper IPSec client software NetScreen-Remote (NS-R) went end of life on 30th June 2009. At that point there was no support for Windows 7 so, although you can continue using your licensed copies of NS-R, there will never be support for newer operating systems. X.COMM explored the market for alternatives and selected the Universal IPsec VPN Client from NCP Secure Communications in Germany. Not only did this support all of the functionality of NS-R but it was the first IPsec client to fully support Windows 7. Furthermore, it can directly import the .spd configuration file exported from NS-R thus eliminating the need for any manual client configuration. On 16th June 2010 Juniper announced a strategic technology alliance with NCP whereby NCP would offer a co-branded Juniper edition of their Universal IPsec VPN client called NCP Secure Client Juniper Edition (datasheet) Unlike NS-R, which was licensed in bundles of 10, 100 or 1000 users, NCP Secure Client Juniper Edition can be purchased from X.COMM in any quantity. This is helpful for sites that retain NS-R for existing XP and Vista deployments and take the new client for Windows 7 only. The software can be downloaded and run in evaluation mode for 30 days before licensing is required.

NCP has also joined the Juniper J-Partner Solutions Alliance Program. Through this partnership, NCP's IPSec VPN client, which is available for Windows platforms in either 32- or 64-bit versions, will replace the NetScreen-Remote VPN client on Juniper's high-end ScreenOS-based devices.

Security and Usability

The NCP Secure Client - Juniper edition offers extensive security mechanisms that prevent attacks in any remote access environment. In addition to data encryption the most important integrated components are: support of OTP (One-Time Password tokens) and certificates in a PKI Infrastructure).

"Easy-to-use" for both, user and administrator - the NCP Secure Client - Juniper Edition offers simple installation and simple operation. A graphical, intuitive user interface provides information on all connection and security states. Detailed log information enables effective assistance from the Help Desk. A configuration wizzard provides easy set upof connection profiles. The Client Monitor can be tailored to include your company name or support information. VPN tunnels can be configured to be established automatically.

  1. Compatible with Juniper VPN Gateways (IPsec standard)
  2. One Click Solution
  3. Simple Profile Creation (Profile Import functionality)
  4. Strong Authenticaion
  5. Integration of all security and communication technologies for universal remote access
  6. Easy to install
  7. Fast connection

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