Secure Remote Access Enabling Products

X.COMM supplies all the products and services to secure your network from the vagaries of the internet whilst allowing you to connect satellite offices, mobile staff or trading partners safely from anywhere in the world.

We have been delivering secure remote access solutions since 1987. Whatever the challenge, we have the experience to provide you with the optimum solution whether for multi-site organisations or organisations with a mobile work force or both. Call XCOMM now 01883 730055.

Internet Connectivity From ADSL to MPLS or Leased Line, LineBroker can source your requirements from all the major network providers
Firewall / VPN Proven IPSec VPN technologies from Juniper Networks or Palo Alto Networks
SSL 'Clientless' VPN Market leading remote access solutions from Juniper Networks
Strong AuthEntication Key fob tokens or SMS text message- installed on site appliance or SaaS
Email Security Get rid of SPAM use the technology that suits your business proofpoint essentials SaaS with three operational levels
Global Roaming Always on connectivity for the "globally mobile" worker
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